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Spirit Speaks Tarot Love Reiki Tarot Readings for Life Guidance


The Sacred Tarot

Tarotology is the theoretical basis for the reading of Tarot cards, a subset of cartomancy, which is the practice of using Tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by posing a question to the cards. 

Tarot Reading, when combined with the Sacred Healing Practice of Reiki, lends itself very well, and has an affinity for, being used as an Essential Tool in Healing Sessions.  As such, Sacred Tarot Reading can be considered among one of the Sacred Healing Arts.

If one takes time to consider, even briefly, how God, Source, Spirit, etc. is to communicate with us; we will intuitively know that Tarot Reading is a most natural and logical way for Spirit to accomplish this.  Meditation, once considered to be only for Zen masters and hippies, is now recognized by most people as a valuable tool for connecting with their Higher Power.  

However, if meditation practice has left you feeling less than clear regarding the Universal Spirit's guidance for you, you may want to consider the benefits of a Sacred Tarot Reading, which offers Clear and Concise Guidance and Direction for the Highest Good for your Life Journey.  

Tarot Readings Can Assist With

Enhancing Conscious Contact

Gaining Insight & Direction

Affirming Guidance & Intuition

What are Sacred Tarot Readings?

Sacred Tarot Readings are Tarot Readings that are done with the Intention of Receiving Guidance and Direction to assist with Understanding and Navigating one's Life Path, rather than for any fortune telling or predictive type of use.   In a Sacred Tarot Reading, the cards are used with INTENTION to Deepen one's Connection to and Relationship With Source.

In a Sacred Tarot Reading, you will receive Specific Information and Guidance on how to Best Navigate your Life for the Best and Highest Outcome for your given question, situation or issue.  

A Sacred Tarot Reading will use Methods for Creating an Energetic Opening, thus allowing for Connecting with the Divine and  intentionally working with only the most High/Holy and Enlightened Beings, such as those that reside in the “Third Heaven”.  

During a Sacred Tarot Reading, both you and your Tarot Professional will be able to work together from a place of Greater Receptivity than you are likely to be accustomed to.  This is due to the effect of the Energetic Opening upon Your Energy System which will allow your Intuition Centers to be Activated to a far Greater degree than they  usually are. 

My Tarot Readings

My readings are based not only on knowledge of the cards, but additionally, I use Reiki Energy Techniques that  allow me to Open to the Flow of & the Receiving of and Access to the Full and Expanded Divine Message. 

This encompasses Detailed Information, along with Practical and Specific Guidance and Direction for the client & their current situation.

In your Tarot Reading Session we will receive Divine Guidance that will: 

  • Pinpoint & affirm goals, 
  • Clarify what to embrace & what to release, 
  • Reveal patterns &/or behaviors in your life that are helpful, & those that are not.  
  • Where to focus as well as where not to focus.  
  • Things to look for in the future.  
  • Specific messages and direction to take. 

The Reading will last as long as it takes to receive all the information that needs to be delivered at that time.  This can range from 40 minutes to 1 hour on average.  You may record the reading.  Following your appointment, I may glean more insights.  In this case I will email you with the additional information.