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Christ Heart Reiki® System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing


This is not your mother's Reiki.  Christ Heart Reiki® is here to Realign you with your Divine Life Purpose in a way that is Free & Clear of all Egoic, Dysfunctional and Low Vibrational, Toxic Cellular Debris.   Christ Heart Reiki® will work with you to Evolve you to where you know you are meant to be, but can't seem to get to.  Christ Heart Reiki® will leave you feeling Balanced and Comfortable with BE-ing in your 5D consciousness while coexisting with others in ALL dimensions of Time & Space.   

Christ Heart Reiki® Sessions With Toni


Reiki is a deeply relaxing, calming and centering practice, that creates feelings of deep peace and a sense of your True Self.  

Toni offers the profoundly transformative Christ Heart Reiki Sessions 

All Sessions are conducted in Toni's Reiki Studio @ her private residence.  Sessions are by appointment only. 

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. 

Other Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioners & Teachers


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near you.  

All Christ Heart Reiki® sessions are also  available via Distance.     To  learn  more,  about Distant (remote) healing sessions, please  refer to the   section on Distant (remote) sessions.  

The Christ Heart Reiki® Training Class


Learn more about the

 Christ Heart Reiki® System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing 

2-Day Foundations Class

Christ Heart Reiki® Schedule of Classes


Dates,  Locations  &  Registration for upcoming Christ Heart Reiki® Foundations Classes

No prior experience is required.