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Christ Heart Reiki®


Reiki is used to clear, balance and rejuvenate  your entire energy system.  Reiki is safe for use on everything and everyone, including children and animals.  Reiki will also enhance ones spiritual connection. 

Christ Heart Reiki® Sessions With Toni


Reiki is a deeply relaxing, calming and centering practice, that creates feelings of deep peace and a sense of your True Self. 

Toni offers Traditional Reiki Sessions as well as the profoundly transformative Christ Heart Reiki Sessions 

Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioners


See if there is a Christ Heart Reiki® Practitioner/Master Teacher near you.  

All Christ Heart Reiki® sessions are also  available via Distance.     To  learn  more,  please  refer to the  ‘distant’  sessions section  on  the Home Page 

The Christ Heart Reiki® Training Class


Learn more about 

The Christ Heart Reiki 

System of Cosmic Realignment 

and Balancing 

2-Day Foundations Class

Christ Heart Reiki® Schedule of Classes


Dates,  Locations  &  Registration for upcoming Christ Heart Reiki Foundations Classes

No experience is required.