All of Toni’s Reiki and Tarot Sessions are available as either In-Person or as Distant/Remote Sessions.  

The terms Distant and Remote, are interchangeable when used in the context of Energy Sessions  such as Tarot & Reiki. 

Reiki is easily able to work on the etheric level and is not limited in any way by time or space.    

For a distant Reiki session, the client simply sets the time for the session in the  usual way.   Toni  will then contact you to determine your preference for the session,  ie:  phone call,  video call, email, or text.    

At  the time  of  your appointment  we will connect via the  method you have chosen to determine  your  intention for the  session and to discuss any questions, concerns or anything else you feel is relevant.

During  your session, it is suggested that you allow yourself to lie down in a quiet space where you will be undisturbed  for the  one hour session.    During this time  you  will  most likely  be able to  feel the pleasant reiki energies flowing  in and  around  you.    You may  see colors or have other beautiful experiences, you might  receive  messages,  or  you  might simply  drift  off  to  sleep.    

After the session, if you would like, we will discuss your session and  the  information that came through.    

For a Distant Tarot Session, the client sets the time for the session in the usual way.  Toni will contact you to determine your preference for the session,  ie: phone call, video call or email.    

Toni conducts  all of  her Spirit Speaks  Tarot Love  ~  Reiki Tarot Sessions from within  the Sacred Space of the Christ Heart Reiki Energy Vortex .   This enhances her ability to receive accurate and pertinent information for your reading.    

While most people do prefer to have their session conducted “live” either on the phone or on a video call, this is not required and your reading will be the same even if you request your reading be sent  to you via email...